© KAT 2017

© KAT 2017


Artist statement

I am a British architect and artist based in Norway (www.context.as).

My lifelong love is art. 

As an artist I explore human nature and how people react to different environments and spaces.  Gesture, movement, time and space are key aspects of my work.  In which way do people define a space and how does a space define the people passing through it? This involves an exploration of ones own emotions and reaction to a space combined with observation of others. 

I also have a life long fascination and passion for colour - For me understanding colour is a never ending journey and exploration of the relationship between the physiological, the philosophical and the sociological aspects of colour.

Understanding 'colour as a material' and 'colour as a language' is fundamental to my work. 

My work is a never ending exploration of ways to express emotions in a visible and tangible form through the use of colour as material, colour as texture, colour as light. 

My work has been exhibited in various European locations over the years including Florence, Rome and London. At the age of 18 I won the award 'Young Artist in Cheshire'.  I graduated from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh College of Art in 1997. Since then I have completed a number of art projects with children in England and Norway. In recent years I have attended several further education courses at Slade School of Fine Art, University College London.

In 2015 I founded ArtCHAT - An initaitive helping youths growing up in Norway to connect with like-minded peers. Working with teenagers from both the local community and those currently still waiting to be granted asylum my focus is to use art as a catalyst for social development, and creating a greater sense of identity, place, cultural awareness and integration. 

Art is my tool. Art is universal. Art speaks all languages. 

© KAT 2017 My drawing / interpretation of my friend Kyrre's drawing / interpretation of me  - ' Kate movement' 

© KAT 2017

My drawing / interpretation of my friend Kyrre's drawing / interpretation of me  - ' Kate movement