Artist statement

I am a British architect and artist based in Norway (

As an artist I explore human nature and how people react to different environments and spaces.  Gesture, movement, time and space are key aspects of my work.  In which way do people define a space and how does a space define the people passing through it? This involves an exploration of ones own emotions and reaction to a space combined with observation of others. 

I also have a life long fascination and passion for colour - For me understanding colour is a never ending journey and exploration of the relationship between the physiological, the philosophical and the sociological aspects of colour.

Understanding 'colour as a material' and 'colour as a language' is fundamental to my work. 

My work is a never ending exploration of ways to express emotions in a visible and tangible form through the use of colour as material, colour as  as texture, colour as light. 

In 2015 I started ArtCHAT - An initaitive helping youths growing up in Norway to connect with like-minded peers. My focus is on using art as a catalyst for social development, and creating a greater sense of identity, place, cultural awareness and integration. 

In April 2017 I opened a StudioGallery in the UNESCO world heritage town of Rjukan, Norway, together with my friend and colleague Liv Solberg Andersen.

© KAT 2017 My drawing / interpretation of my friend Kyrre's drawing / interpretation of me  - ' Kate movement' 

© KAT 2017

My drawing / interpretation of my friend Kyrre's drawing / interpretation of me  - ' Kate movement