© KAT 2017

© KAT 2017

Artist statement

I am a British architect and artist based in Norway (www.context.as).

My lifelong love is art. 

I consider art a basic (universal) tool, a process, an activity. I understand art as something you do, and artist as a state of being. My art practice is very much one of self-discovery and awareness through intuitive painting and expressive drawing.

I practice art as a way to connect with myself.

I began painting as a young child. At age 16 I travelled to Tuscany study art. Staying at the stunning Sargiano monastery (located in the beautiful Italian hills of Arezzo), I began to understand painting as an integral part of who I am. The monks taught us how to find peace through simple acts of observation. They also gave me my first taste of - and subsequent love for- red wine. 

My paintings reflect - and are very much an extension of - me. For me being able to create and paint intuitively, freely without restraint, is a continous journey of self-discovery, transformation and growth. I paint to visually express what I cannot find the words to say.

I also have a life long fascination and passion for colour.

Understanding 'colour as a material' and 'colour as a language' is fundamental to my work. I understand colour as a journey - an exploration of the relationship between the physiological, the philosophical and the sociological aspects of colour - an endless inquiry into ways to express emotions in a visible and tangible form. 

My work has been exhibited in various European locations over the years including Florence, Rome and London. At the age of 18 I won the award 'Young Artist in Cheshire'.  Since graduating from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh College of Art in 1997, I have attended several further education courses at Slade School of Fine Art, University College London.

During June 2015 I was one of six artists in residence at the renowned 'Scuola Internazionale di Grafica' in Venice during the Arts Biennale 2015.

I run weekly ‘Expressive Art Labs’ in Oslo where we explore the sensory nature of art and authentic expression. 

 The focus is on using art to feel alive.  


KATie Hagen

tel : +47 92281724 email : kat@kat-art.no

Rjukan + Oslo