Pop up StudioGallery

Situated in the UNESCO world heritage town of Rjukan, Norway, 

A 5 week pop up  

(Saturday 22nd April to Saturday 27th May 2017)

2 artists. 2 voices. 2 profiles. 

Katie Hagen (KAT) + Liv Solberg Andersen


500 Red Balloons - selfies

As part of an ongoing project 'connections' people attending the opening of our gallery were invited to help themselves to a red balloon. 

In exchange for the balloon I asked that they send us a selfie (or video message) featuring themselves with the balloon.

PLACES REACHED: London, New York, Oslo, Guwahati (Assam, INDIA), Leeds (UK), Nottingham (UK), Edinburgh (Scotland), Sunnhordaland (Norway), Bergen, Trondheim, Rjukan ....